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Vex 2

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Just in case you are fond of pakrour tricks and dynamic movement through different obstacles, without any doubt try to play amazing flash game “Vex 2”. Interesting gameplay in classical platforms style will guarantee you amazing pleasant time. The essence of the game describes adventures the main character who got into a trap from which he can get only with your help. Test your survival skills again, and try to survive the second part of an exciting game. You will have to lead your character through a variety of traps and obstacles, climb steep walls, run fast and jump to get to the end uncaught. You are being awaited by high steep walls, bottomless holes, spikes, covering not only the floor and ceiling, but also walls, circular saws, deep water traps- this is incomplete list of what you have to overcome in the process of the game. Walk with extreme caution, each step is a potential trap. If you have persistent mentality and enough patience to repeatedly solve puzzles and show miracles of dexterity – this game will be a real boon for you. The main save across the passage will be “oases of life” or flags. Once a green flag is raised at the checkpoint, you will be awarded by last active save point. In case your character dies, you will be able to continue from this point. All in all it`s a funny game with elements of parkour, with difficulties that become more and more serious with every level passed. You need to climb walls, jump over obstacles and catch it all in minimum time to put your record. The main goal of the game is to leave the room in a short time. More than dozens of different skills and characteristics, a lot of difficult puzzles and secrets are waiting for you. You cannot even imagine what people are ready to do, when their lives are threatened. Make dizzying stunts, earn reward points and bonuses. The exact calculation and quick response will save you in difficult situations. To control the character, use the «WASD» or arrow keys.

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